Her formal training is as a clinical exercise physiologist, certified nutrition specialist and lifestyle and weight management consultant.  She has helped over 10,000 people reach and exceed their weight loss, energy, athletic performance and youthful aging goals.  She has the formula for success!  

 Companies such as Fiji Water, Perfect Online, Blue Buffalo, Nabisco, and Beauty Rest rely on Kelli as a fitness, nutrition and lifestyle expert to represent their products. Kelli took the place of Michelle Obama for a keynote presentation for Blue Cross Blue Shield and recently spoke to Tony Robbins Fire Walker graduates.

Kelli's Vision

And when she's not getting the world healthier, you can find her on two wheels (road bike, mountain bike or motorcycle).  Her favorite thing to do is to enjoy time with her husband of 22 years and two teenage children Nicholas and Melina.

Meet Kelli and get ready to stop the struggle while you make over your body and your business.


Kelli has also been in business for 30 years owning and operating health clubs, managing corporate fitness centers for clients such as Calvin Klein cosmetics and is also a Top Achiever in Network Marketing. She is an Executive with Isagenix International. 

 Kelli is the Co-author of Passionista’s – Tips, Tales & Tweetales for Women Pursuing their Dreams and the co-founder and author of Mom & Dadpreneur- Helping Parents to put family first while still tending to and excelling in their areas of purpose.


To empower women by helping them be financially self-sufficient without compromising their roles as great mothers.


For years, mothers have been stereotyped as the image of a perfect woman in kitty heels and aprons holding a feather duster on one hand and a cookie tray on the other, all these while ensuring that no strand of hair is ever astray.  They have also been programmed to be financially dependent to the working partner. How about having the best of both worlds?


Kelli Calabrese is a 30 year fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle expert leading people to be their best spirit, mind and body. Through her speaking, books and solutions, she’s here to inspire you to enjoy a fit energized body, financial freedom and joy filled lifestyle.

​Kelli has been featured on NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX and countless radio, print, podcasts and alternate media sources including Fitness, Oxygen, Women’s World and Shape Magazines.   She was the editor of Personal Fitness Professional magazine, voted personal trainer of the year locally and nationally and is the fitness expert for Montel Williams.  She was the lead fitness expert for eDiets and was interviewed by NBC for Jillian Michaels position on The Biggest Loser.