"It feels like a huge weight has been lifted off our shoulders.  We have the freedom to work when we want and to partner with like-minded people.

-- Carolyne and Steven

Shannon Barbato

Carolyne and Steven

The performance system offers a mix of nutrients, energy boosters and high quality protein for muscle growth and recovery while helping you to achieve a tighter, leaner physique and experience optimal performance.

This system builds and maintains lean muscle, enhances performance, helps you recover faster and kick-start workouts.

Shannon is a single woman who spent 15 trading time for money as a stylist and another 15 as a personal fitness coach.  While she was excellent at helping people transform and found a lot of joy in it, she was chronically trading time for money.

She started sharing Isagenix nutrition systems with her clients, family and friends and quickly became a top enroller and watched her income grow. She set a goal to earn a significant income in 12 months and is ahead of schedule to achieve it. Now she is earning money if she is leading boot camp or enjoying a week at the beach.